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Transformation Programs

Mentors custom design a transformational program to fit your specific business needs. Whatever shape your program might take; it will be underpinned by two core philosophies:

Emotional Intelligence makes the difference.

Emotional intelligence is at the core of Mentors philosophy and practice. Put simply, emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and use emotions to more effectively manage self and positively influence others. Managers and leaders who can integrate emotional intelligence with business acumen have a demonstrated edge over their competitors.

Sustained change requires an integrated approach.

To be truly transformational, intervention programs need to integrate individual development with the business needs. For optimal success, Mentors’ programs combine personal change processes with team development. All development initiatives are situated within the broader context of the organisation’s values, vision and business objectives.

We have listed our current 2010 transformation programs below, each program description links to a more detailed program guide. If you have any questions regarding our programs, please contact us.

Our transformational programs include:

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Mentors Programs 2009
Coaching Programs
Individualised coaching programs to assist participants to identify and achieve their development goals.
Team Development
Learn how to transform your top level staff into a high performance team with exceptional results.
Culture Development
Enhance and transform your workplace culture with high levels of trust, communication and respect.
Leadership Development
Create a strong leadership base for your business.
People Development
Skill staff in relationship management challenges such as critical conversations, personal responsibility, accountability and negotiation.
Facilitation & Mediation
Assist your management and staff to resolve conflicts, misunderstandings and competing internal agendas.
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