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Coaching Programs

Mentors offer an individualised coaching program to assist participants to identify and achieve their development goals. This program is of particular value to current and aspiring leaders and managers due to a focus on emotional intelligence capabilities essential to leadership success.

Our coaching programs consist of a series of structured, one on one, interactions that enhance work performance and life satisfaction. Our approach is holistic, focusing on the personal and professional within your specific business context and objectives.

"My awareness of myself and my personal growth (and likewise my observations of colleagues) has been substantial and has been enabled by Mentors coaching."

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Mark Hayes
HR Manager

The coaching process

To identify participant’s current effectiveness, strengths and challenges, the first step is commonly a normed and validated 360 assessment. The tool used depends on the participant’s level in the organisation and their coaching objectives. MRG’s strategic leadership development tools (download brochure)  are our preferred assessment for senior leaders and leadership teams. It enables the identification of specific leadership practices needed to achieve your company’s strategic goals and provides feedback to leaders on their performance of these desired leadership practices.

Middle and operational managers may benefit from a Benchmarks or Skillscope 360.

Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (download brochure) offers feedback of relevance to managers and staff at all levels of an organisation.

In situations where a 360 is not desired or appropriate, we use the Hogan Assessment Systems (HPI, HDS and MVPI).

The assessment process sets the framework for an agreed number of coaching sessions focused on assisting the participant to achieve identified goals and address areas for development. A recommended but optional component of the full coaching program involves the participant in a facilitated discussion with his/her manager regarding these goals.

Mentors Coaching Program Diagram

Return on your investment from coaching

View the results from a survey of 100 executives participating in coaching programs.

Individualised coaching programs to assist you to identify and achieve your professional and personal goals.
Private executive coaching is available at three locations - Sydney CBD, North Sydney and Mona Vale. Contact us to arrange a booking.

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Coaching Programs
Individualised coaching programs to assist participants to identify and achieve their development goals.
Team Development
Learn how to transform your top level staff into a high performance team with exceptional results.
Culture Development
Enhance and transform your workplace culture with high levels of trust, communication and respect.
Leadership Development
Create a strong leadership base for your business.
People Development
Skill staff in relationship management challenges such as critical conversations, personal responsibility, accountability and negotiation.
Facilitation & Mediation
Assist your management and staff to resolve conflicts, misunderstandings and competing internal agendas.
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