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People Development

Your organisation may have identified a specific people-skill development need e.g. to improve the way people listen or dialogue with each other; to enhance negotiation skills, to improve team decision making methods or to improve conflict resolution skills. Mentors will devise a program to assist your staff to develop these people-skills and competencies:

We can conduct workshops for you on:

  • Emotional intelligence skills for Business
  • Effective communication
  • Effective and Powerful feedback
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Negotiation and conflict management
  • Stress Management
  • Building personal responsibility and accountability

Mentors can devise a workshop to address any people-skill development need that you identify within your organisation or sub groups.

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Coaching Programs
Individualised coaching programs to assist participants to identify and achieve their development goals.
Team Development
Learn how to transform your top level staff into a high performance team with exceptional results.
Culture Development
Enhance and transform your workplace culture with high levels of trust, communication and respect.
Leadership Development
Create a strong leadership base for your business.
People Development
Skill staff in relationship management challenges such as critical conversations, personal responsibility, accountability and negotiation.
Facilitation & Mediation
Assist your management and staff to resolve conflicts, misunderstandings and competing internal agendas.
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