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People-skills Development Workshops - Example Program

Effective and Powerful feedback

Ask your managers what frustrates them most at work and you are likely to hear:

  • Never having enough time
  • Juggling competing priorities
  • Performance problems with employees
  • Employees failing to deliver on time
  • Staff disagreements and gripes
  • Staff repeating the same mistakes

Ask the staff who report to these managers what frustrates them and you’ll hear:

  • Not getting recognition for a job well done
  • Learning about their deficiencies for the first time at their annual performance review
  • Being micro-managed
  • Not knowing what level of authority they have
  • Not having the resources they need to do their jobs

Central to addressing all of these concerns and therefore enhancing corporate performance is the regular use by management of constructive feedback - both positive and critical (often referred to as ‘negative’). Feedback enables staff to take personal responsibility for making improvements in the way they work. Lack of timely and adequate feedback leads to misunderstandings, confusion, disgruntlement, dissatisfied employees and frustrated managers and performance problems. Giving and receiving feedback is a skill that involves personal awareness and interpersonal intelligence.

Two day workshop
The focus of this 2-day workshop is on supporting managers to develop their ability and skills to give feedback including:

  • Identifying and addressing the factors that make it difficult for managers to give direct and honest feedback.
  • Learning a constructive model for giving affirming and critical feedback.
  • Becoming aware of the links between the managers personal style and feedback difficulties.
  • Developing ways of dealing with employee resistance to feedback (such as stone walling, denial, refusal to accept feedback).
  • Awareness of timing and context issues.
  • Managing difficult personalities.

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